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2012 Admission Prices
$1 each
Blue Streak Rides
3 tickets
All other rides
1-2 tickets
$15.00 with no Blue Streak rides
$20.00 with unlimited Blue Streak rides (BEST DEAL)
Season Pass
$80.00 with unlimited Blue Streak rides
Discount tickets
Available through our site


Located in Conneaut Lake, PA. Conneaut Park is a summer theme park dedicated to cheap water, splashing, and cool summer day’s fun. Due to the Blue Streak roller coaster ride, this amusement park has been serving as a tourist attraction for many years. The Blue Streak was recently made "Historic" by the group "American Coaster Enthusiasts". The lake being lined with condo homes, and vacation rentals; it is Pennsylvania's largest natural glacier lake, and a great deal with boaters, because there is no horsepower limit on the water.

By the early 1990's, the theme park had fallen into some hard times, causing it to close down in 1995 for the year. In 1996, a man named Gary Harris bought and renovated the park, re-opened on July 4th 1996. Harris decided it would be a good idea to send out coupons to all resident of the area to get things going as fast as possible. Still persisting problems forced Harris to sell the park to the Conneaut Lake Community after only a short one year run. Ever since then they have owned and run the park successfully, open for summer fun every year. Online codes are sent to some people who decided to sign up on their website for mailers.

The Blue Streak roller coaster is the best thing in this park. I would have to say everything else is really fun, but nothing tops that ride. If you go don't leave without trying it at least once. With my discount pass it didn’t cost me anything extra anyway. I think I rode it at least 5 times last time I was there. I rate the park 8/10, but the Blue Streak rides 10/10!
-Nate Belcow-